About Trauma Counselling

Feeling stuck? Don’t sit and suffer alone, there may be many things you don’t know about helping you out of your problems. Things you haven’t even imagined yet, like how to move beyond surviving into enjoying life fully. The definition of trauma is being overwhelmed and unable to process it. The higher the trauma the more your body stores the event and responds in ways that aren’t what others call normal.

Do you feel miserable, frustrated or like you are losing hope? Do you feel overwhelmed? Or you’d just like to have a life with less struggles but aren’t sure how to achieve it? Do you suffer from depression or anxiety? Are you having trouble relating to people? Have you suffered abuse or just feel worthless at times?

At Hands Full of Hope Counselling Tania assists individuals, and families to deal with both personal problems and trauma issues. Tania helps people piece their lives back together after overwhelming events and after general life hiccups. She also helps people piece their lives back together after trauma, unpredictable events such as sudden death of a loved one and put life back together after trauma.


Trauma leaves symptoms such as not trusting, changed sleep patterns, nightmares, light sleep or excess sleep, jumping at small things, startling a lot, waking feeling like you never went to sleep, feeling shattered, feeling unable to function in your normal capacity, difficulty connecting to others or talking about what is wrong, being unable to tolerate sensory stimulation such as noise, bright lights, sudden movements. At hands full of hope we work with a holistic approach, because trauma and overwhelm effects all areas of your life so all areas need healing. This includes physical body work, medical referrals if desired, education about the chemical changes in your body with trauma, subconscious work using symbols metaphor and psychodynamics, cognitive work including education about new ways of perceiving others responses, spiritual and social areas of your life are effected too and explored gently as the last two areas of healing from trauma.

Tania has four degrees in this area, a Masters of Counselling, a Masters of Research (emotional abuse research), a Masters of Social Work and a Bachelor of Education, all gained in Australia.