Many people suffer terrible anxiety and do not recognise it because they have been that way for so long. Do you have heart palpitations, sweats or fear that at times that you will burst into tears without really being very sad? Get help now to move away from the emotional turmoil.Call or email Tania at Hands Full of Hope Counselling to make an appointment.
Do you have panic attacks?
Have you ever had suicidal thoughts and not known why?
Do you find that life is more difficult for you than for other people?
All of these may be indicators of anxiety, depression or both. Long term anxiety can lead to depression.
There is nothing to be ashamed of, but there are ways to reduce this so you are not reacting to everything which crosses your path.
Do you find yourself controlling your family a lot? This may be due to anxiety. Or getting angry about tiny little things which become a great big deal in your head. This again may indicate anxiety. If you have had anxiety for an extended period of time it can morph into symptoms of depression as well. Your ability to remain stable emotionally may be reduced, which makes it more difficult to function. We call this psyche overload.
All of this can be helped so your life becomes easier and less emotionally straining. Call and make an appointment at Hands Full of Hope to see Tania. We do Skype counselling for those further than 70km away. We also do part Skype part face to face for those within this range if needed.