Counselling Services

Don’t sit and suffer alone, there may be many things you don’t know about helping you out of your problems. Things you haven’t even imagined yet.

Do you feel miserable, frustrated or like you are losing hope? Do you feel overwhelmed? Or you’d just like to have a life with less struggles but aren’t sure how to achieve it?
At Hands Full of Hope Counselling Tania assists individuals to deal with and fix their personal lives. She helps people piece their lives back together after overwhelming events and after general life hiccups. She also helps people piece their lives back together after trauma and/or abuse. Give yourself the gift of being truly heard. Contact Tania for an appointment via email or phone or drop an email to ask questions about Hands Full of Hope counselling.We have video sessions for remote and/or nomadic situations. We are located in Logan, South Brisbane. Our prices are on a sliding scale based on income.
Hands Full of Hope Counselling, Logan, South Brisbane, Grey Nomads and remote areas in Australia. We help with trauma, narcissistic abuse, life hicups and emotional, sexual, physical abuse and neglect from your past and present. Fees are based on household income. We cater for video counselling and pensioners too. No problem is too small. Tania is a fully qualified therapist with Masters of Counselling and Masters of Social Work and Masters of Research (Psychology).