Grief can be a lonely thing, especially after all the support stops. If you are feeling like it isn’t real, you are angry or you just can’t quite seem to accept the loss of a loved one, here at Hands Full of Hope Counselling we can companion you gently through the grief process. We are not here to offer you theory or tell you we know what you are going through, because this doesn’t always help. We are here to listen to you and to help you tap into your deepest parts of your mind that don’t use logic (we all know if we have experienced grief it is not very logical about when it overwhelms you) so you can find inside you what you need to move forward. Our counsellors are trained to listen deeply to other people’s pain, which friends can not always do, even when they want to, because they are not trained for it.
Many people who have lost a loved one say the hardest part is not the funeral or the wake but it is after all the other people who offered support and dropped in to check on you go back to living their normal lives and you are left feeling so alone. This is an excellent time to come to counselling and get help to get through the grief process quicker than if you had no help.
Make an appointment at Hands Full of Hope to walk through your grief and to be really heard deep inside. Grief need not be something alone.