Coping with illness can be difficult for the person facing the illness and for their friends and family.
Having an illness or disability can completely change your life, your perspective on what’s important and your ways of viewing things. This can take a lot of adjusting to. Being ill can be very lonely and effects friendships long term.
Long illnesses means the ill person may lose contact with many friends because friends need to get on with their life and family and are busy, or some may even avoid you or your family because they don;t know how to cope with the changes and the overwhelming feelings it brings up for them. They may feel awkward and not know what to say.
Some of our counselors here have experienced caring full time for terminally ill family members and friends and can attest to the strain and stress it puts on relationships, physical stamina and coping ability, plus the grief associated with loss of freedom and in some cases loss of life. If you are struggling adjusting to any of this or have recently been diagnosed or had someone close diagnosed with an alarming prognosis, here at Hands Full of Hope we welcome you to come and make an appointment and get some guidance through these difficult times. Our counselors are fully trained and also have experienced family members with serious illness and disabilities so experientially understand some of the adjustments and struggles you may be experiencing. If you are too ill to go places but want to seek our help, under extreme circumstances we can arrange alternatives for counselling such as skype and face time