There may be many things you don’t know about helping you out of your problems. Things you haven’t even imagined yet. Do you feel miserable, frustrated or like you are losing hope? Do you feel overwhelmed? Or you’d just like to have a life with less struggles but aren’t sure how to achieve it? Do you suffer from depression or anxiety? Are you having trouble relating to people? Is your relationship working? Have you suffered abuse or just feel worthless at times? Does your partner understand you? Do you understand your partner? At Hands Full of Hope Counselling Tania assists individuals, and families to deal with and fix their personal lives and family issues. She helps people piece their lives back together after overwhelming events and after general life hiccups. She also helps people piece their lives back together after trauma and/or abuse.

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We Facilitate Groups


We facilitate groups for adult survivors of sexual abuse. Additionally we run groups for children and teens who have parents with mental illness and for children and teenagers who have witnessed domestic violence.

All our facilitators have teaching and or counselling qualifications plus experiences in these areas and blue cards. We are highly aware of, and understand from experience the personal and emotional issues that people are confronted with, sometimes on a daily basis.