Counselling for ACONS

I get lots of people enquiring about counsellors in their area who want a counsellor who knows about narcissistic abuse. There are not many around but domestic violence counsellors understand verbal abuse and are likely to understand the article we have posted under therapists to know more about the games if they do not already know. Alternatively we do Skype counselling but we do not cover USA or Canada yet.  As I research and train more counsellors I hope to make access to more effective help for ACONS and Spouses and Ex Spouses of those with narcissistic personalities or high narcissistic traits.

Narcissistic Abuse

Today at the Australian Counsellors Association annual conference we got to dip our toes into the world of ACONS and spouses of disordered narcissists. Now the conference paper is available in the for therapists section of this website.