Emotional and Verbal Abuse

 Emotional and Verbal Abuse If you are subjected to being told something about yourself for long enough then you will most likely start to believe it, even if you fight it. If you are told subtle things like you are lazy or called something as cruel as a slut or useless over and over this is emotional and verbal abuse. It is emotional because it is about you and it is abuse if it is derogatory or negative.
In some cases one family member has been told all their life they are worth less than the rest of the family. They are given less food, clothes, opportunities etc and live a sub-standard life forced upon them. This is made up of lies from people who mis-use power. In one case a woman was told by her husband, then later her children that she was crazy. She fought it but her husband did things like hide stuff and tell her she was crazy when he quickly put the hidden stuff on the table and told her it was there all along. This is emotional abuse and manipulation. Eventually in desperation she committed an act of revenge which put her in court. Her children tried to testify that she was crazy and always had been, but her social worker and barrister were able to prove the truth. This was extreme abuse. She was so confused by the end of twenty years of being told she was crazy she believed it and found it difficult to move forward into her new life of being equal. With counselling and support she manages well now and will soon be finished therapy.
If you have suffered emotional abuse the symptoms are low self esteem, inability to feel positive about yourself to varying degrees, a lot of self doubt and possibly an inability to function well in society. This is the most subtle and most difficult form of abuse and usually comes with a string of other symptoms and behaviours from the main abuser and from the victim.
If you are suffering from emotional abuse and want help then please make an appointment at Hands Full of Hope Counselling to see how we can help you.