Physical Abuse

 Physical abuse includes if you are hit, pushed, pinched, shoved, held down, forced to do degrading things, hair pulling, any enforced pain unnecessarily and against your will. If this applies to you click on the domestic violence page on this web site and remember it may be more than just your family members if it is physical abuse. It could be a friend, work colleague or someone else.
see domestic violence – Joan’s story – whether it is within the family or outside the family if you are in a relationship with physical abuse you are most likely confused, hurting and uncertain. It is ok to get help to sort out that confusion. At Hands Full of Hope we are not going to force you to do anything against your will or tell you what to do. We will listen and guide and teach you new things to empower you to live life the best way you want to.
Call and make an appointment at Hands Full of Hope to see Tania or Akina. We do Skype counselling for those further than 70km away. We also do part Skype part face to face for those within this range if needed. 
We currently run groups for kids whose parents have a mental illness and kids who have witnessed domestic violence. We will be running groups in the future for kids with anxiety, kids effected by divorce and kids who have experienced sexual abuse, so please register your interest via email or phone so you can be on our notification list for when we start.