Tania Cusack

IMG_2181 /> Tania[/caption]Tania Cusack
Masters of Counselling
Member of ACA, QCA and PACFA

Hi I amTania. I have worked in education and the helping profession in some capacity or another for most of my life. I have taught teenagers through to university students counselling and other humanities subjects. I have worked with many homeless people and young people in crisis. I have great compassion and understanding for people in difficult and painful situations and for the damage, which sometimes weighs us down in life. I have dedicated much time learning ways to move beyond such pain and trauma without having to re-live each and every single event again.
I am currently researching narcissistic abuse and completing my doctorate in it at some stage in the future. I have written papers and extensively studied Narcissistic Victim Syndrome. I have presented at conferences to other health professionals on the topic of how to best help those suffering in areas of narcissistic abuse and other personality disordered cohabitation.
I work at a university as a counselling lecturer as well as the manager and a counsellor of Hands Full of Hope. I am also a supervisor for counsellors.
I am committed to ongoing professional development and to personal growth to ensure my clientele are well looked after and get the best they can from me. I have a lot of experience personally and professionally of dealing with trauma and abuse issues and with teenagers and adult survivors. My passions are teaching and counselling and promoting narcissistic abuse awareness.