Sexual Abuse

 Sexual Abuse – there are several types of sexual abuse.
Adult/Child Abuse -This is abuse where adults touch children by manipulating them and pretending to play games. This abuse is a misuse of power by the adult and is illegal. The effects of this sexual abuse are far reaching into adulthood for the child. A person who has been sexually abused as a child has often forcibly entered into sexual play well before they were emotionally ready for such an intense experience. There may be issues of guilt, self hatred, self blame and relationship problems. This child as an adult may need to work through learning how to differentiate and how to have boundaries in their relationships. They may need all this to have healthy relationships and to teach their children how to do things better.There is a reason it is illegal for adults to have sex with children. There is also a reason that no one in Australia has the right to have sex with another person without their permission – despite marriage or relationship. These laws were made because people understood how devastating it is to have sex forced upon you or manipulated out of you.
Drugging and date rape
These days sexual assault and abuse is often covered up using drugs such as Katamine, Rohibnol or large doses of Benzoids which are known as date rape drugs. If you have been drugged or are not sure if you have been drugged but feel uncomfortable about what happened then make an appointment to see a counsellor at Hands Full of Hope Counselling. If you were drinking and think it was your fault then think again. Unless you verbally said “Drug me and have sex with me now” then it was against your will. If this happened to you as recently as last night and you are still uncertain, you may feel very ill and find it hard to think straight. You can go to the police station for a blood test to see what drugs are in your system. You may need to know this information for later.
Whether you do or donlt have a drug test – if you suspect you may have been drugged and assaulted against your will please make an appointment at Hands Full of Hope Counselling to see someone and work through the intense emotions that come with this experience.
Another more subtle type of sexual abuse is when you say no but your no is manipulated into a yes despite that fact that you don’t want this attention in this way. If this happens to you more often than you like then it’s a great idea for you to make an appointment to learn differentiation – a way of being able to say no and work through why your no can be easily manipulated. You can work through what it is that makes it hard to be heard and become more able to be heard without feeling uncomfortable with it.
Sexual Assault
Another type of sexual abuse is when a person forces themselves on you physically. Sexual assault does not have to be penetration, it just needs to involve the genetailia against your will. If you have been forced to have sex against your will and want to talk with someone about this an be heard and guided to a freer emotional state then make an appointment at Hands Full of Hope Counselling.

Call and make an appointment at Hands Full of Hope to see Tania. We do Skype counselling for those further than 70km away. We also do part Skype part face to face for those within this range if needed.